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Formulation, Characterization, and In Vitro/In Vivo Efficacy Studies of a Novel Liposomal Drug Delivery System of Amphiphilic Jaspine B for Treatment of Synovial Sarcoma

Publication Date Aug 10, 2022


Sphingomyelin is a cell membrane sphingolipid that is upregulated in synovial sarcoma (SS). Jaspine B has been shown to inhibit sphingomyelin synthase, which synthesizes sphingomyelin from ceramide, a critical signal transducer; however, jaspine B’s low bioavailability limits its application as a promising treatment option. To address this shortcoming, we used microfluidics to develop a liposomal delivery system with increased anticancer efficacy. The nano-liposome size was determined by transmission electron microscopy. The jaspine B liposome was tested for its tumor inhibitory efficacy compared to plain jaspine B in in vitro and in vivo studies. The human SS cell line was tested for cell viability using varying jaspine B concentrations. In a mouse model of SS, tumor growth suppression was evaluated during four weeks of treatment (3 times/week). The results show that jaspine B was successfully formulated in the liposomes with a size ranging from 127.5 ± 61.2 nm. The MTT assay and animal study results indicate that jaspine B liposomes dose-dependently lowers cell viability in the SS cell line and effectively suppresses tumor cell growth in the SS animal model. The novel liposome drug delivery system addresses jaspine B’s low bioavailability issues and improves its therapeutic efficacy.


Human Synovial Sarcoma Cell Line Synovial Sarcoma Synovial Sarcoma Cell Line Liposomal Drug Delivery System Liposomal Delivery System Liposomal System Tumor Growth Suppression Liposomal Delivery Low Bioavailability MTT Assay

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