Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology | VOL. 13

Food offerings on board and dietary intake of European and Kiribati seafarers - cross-sectional data from the seafarer nutrition study -

Publication Date Feb 27, 2018


BackgroundOverweight and cardiovascular risk factors are a common phenomenon in seafarers. According to internal observation particularly crew members from the Pacific Island State of Kiribati are exposed to a high risk. However, in mixed crews, cultural background plays an important role, influencing food choice, and the actual risk.MethodsThe Seafarer Nutrition Study (SeaNut study) compared dietary factors in 48 Kiribati and 33 European male seafarers recruited from four merchant ships with a high level of Kiribati manning within a German shipping company. Analysis encompassed the assessment of dietary quality on board, satisfaction with prepared dishes, and individual food intake obtained from 24-h recalls in comparison with nutritional recommendations.ResultsThe overall supply of meat, fat and eggs was more than double, whereas the proportions of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and cereals were much lower than recommended. Based on the reported food choices, both groups, but notably Kiribati seafarers, did not reach reference values as to macronutrient, micronutrient and fiber intake. In addition, satisfaction with the meals served, food preferences and knowledge about a healthy diet varied markedly between Kiribati and Europeans.ConclusionsThe present analysis of the SeaNut study revealed the necessity of future health intervention programs, including the quality of the food supply as well as information about a healthy diet and adequate food selection. In mixed crews, culture-specific differences should be considere...


Mixed Crews European Seafarers Influencing Food Choice Supply Of Meat Culture-specific Differences Food Offerings Merchant Ships Crew Members 24-h Recalls Fiber Intake

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