Transactions of the American Fisheries Society | VOL. 74

Food-Chains and the Food Cycle in Hawaiian Fish Ponds.–Part II. Biotic Interaction

Publication Date Jan 1, 1947


Abstract The food and feeding habits of the influent and subinfluent species (11 fish, 4 shrimps, and 4 crabs) in Hawaiian fish ponds were analyzed to ascertain the biotic interaction. The dominant species were treated in a similar way and reported upon earlier. The ponds are virtually autarchic, and the available food supply is almost totally dependent upon the physical features of the biotope. Microbenthos and detritus were found to support most of the herbivorous species while larger benthos, emergent halophytes, and plankton play minor roles. The animal assemblage within the ponds includes not only herbivores and omnivores but is replete with carnivores, several of which are voracious and reach a large size. Interspecific competition for food and existence is severe. Both mullet and milkfish subsist on microbenthos. Competing also for this source of food are prodigious numbers of poecilids (Mollienesia latipinna and Gambusia affinis) and shrimps which, in turn, form the strongest links in the food cha...


Hawaiian Fish Ponds Interspecific Competition For Food Gambusia Affinis Animal Assemblage Biotic Interaction Species In Ponds Food Supply Dominant Species Food Habits Hawaiian Fish

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