Climate change is an apparent phenomenon affecting life in many aspects including crop production, so the assessment of its impact on crop production is urgently required to establish strategies and technologies to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Numerous efforts have been made to investigate the effects of climate change with emphases on elevated temperature and CO2 on crops, to assess climate change impact on crop production, and to develop application technologies for coping with climate change in a sustainable manner. This special issue of JCSB contains a collection of peer-reviewed research articles covering the impact of microclimate conditions on crop production (4 papers), modeling approaches for impact assessment (3 papers), and applications of crop science and biotechnology for climate change adaptation (3 papers). It is believed that this special issue will help crop scientists broaden their knowledge and understanding on climate change issues in crop production and facilitate research in crop science and biotechnology in battling against climate change to sustain current crop production and increase future crop production to feed ever continuously increasing human population.

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