Biodiversity Science | VOL. 24

Floral traits of woody plants and their habitat differentiations in a northern tropical karst forest

Publication Date Jan 1, 2016


The diversification of floral traits is the outcome of evolution by natural selection, and the variation in floral traits between species has a certain correlation with the plant habitats. The northern tropical karst seasonal rain forests have a great habitat heterogeneity, a complex structure of plant community, and abundant endemic components. Analyzing the relationship between the variation of plant traits and their habitats in those forests is helpful to understand species coexistence, coevolution and their adaptations to habitats, and to provide clues for revealing the ecological adaptability of plants and the maintenance mechanisms of biodiversity in karst forests. We conducted a preliminary study at a 15 ha plot of the northern tropical karst seasonal rain forest in Nonggang to examine the differences in floral traits among species and how these traits varied with habitats, when a relatively large number of woody plants bloomed synchronously, with a total of 21 species being found flowering. We divided the 21 species into three preferred habitat types (peak, slope and valley) according to the spatial distribution of species and their habitat associations, and analysed •研究报告• 第 2 期 蒋裕良等: 北热带喀斯特森林木本植物花性状及其生境分异 149 the differentiations among their floral traits. We also divided 21 species into three clustering groups of floral traits, and had a comparison between the habitat types and the clustering groups. The results showed that species dominance had a significantly negative correlation with flower size and flower colo...


Tropical Karst Seasonal Rain Forest Floral Traits Variation In Floral Traits Tropical Seasonal Rain Variation Of Plant Traits Preferred Habitat Types Flower Color Spatial Distribution Of Species Karst Forest Tropical Forest

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