The study was undertaken at Dingaputa haor and its surrounding area with a view to investigate the biodiversity of plants, and birds. The taxonomic status of the species of the area was categorized into threatened, endangered, common, few and very few based on their richness, uses and conservational viewpoints. The total number of plant observed 152 species under 79 families and 37 species of birds under 24 families. The present total species diversity index H represent that plants belonged that 71 1.27 species, 41families.Cultivated crops have 24 species 2.40 and 11 families. The weeds had 57 species 1.51 and 23 families. The birds had 37 species 1.89 and 24 families, other aquatic faunal species 17 2.66 and 16 families. In the biodiversity of Dingaputa haor was decreasing day by day. Agricultural crops and other aquatic fauna were listed maximum but plants, and weeds diversity index were minimum.

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