The areas of gallery forests come all being target of various types of degradation and the necessity of recovery of these corridors of biodiversity makes of the beekeeping an important allied, for the paper of the bees in the reproduction of diverse native plants existing in these areas. This work aimed to the plants visited by bee gifts in fragments of gallery forest, in municipality of Marechal Cândido Rondon – PR, in the period of September of 2002 the May of 2004. The month and the blooming period of plants and the visiting bee species (Apis mellifera and Tetragonisca angustula) was recorded. In total was listed 28 species of plants, pertaining the 24 genera and 16 families. Comparing the two areas, one evidenced that had coincidence of 8 families, 12 genera and 11 species. The family with more species and more visited was the Asteracea.

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