Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry | VOL. 144

Flat sheet direct contact membrane distillation desalination system using temperature-dependent correlations: thermal efficiency via a multi-parameter sensitivity analysis based on Monte Carlo method

Publication Date Feb 5, 2021


In this paper, a 1D model of direct contact membrane distillation is presented in which all fluid properties are temperature-dependent. In addition, a Nusselt number (Nu) relationship for developing flow in ducts (accounting for both thermal and hydrodynamic effects) is used to obtain the convective heat transfer coefficient at each side of the membrane. Simulated mass flux shows very good agreement with experimental measurements at various feed temperature, flow rate and concentration. A comprehensive sensitivity analysis of all operational and geometrical parameters, as well as Nu estimation parameters on water mass flux across the membrane $$(J_{\text{m}} )$$ and thermal efficiency, is also done. To determine the relative importance of each parameter, a multi-parameter sensitivity analysis (MPSA) based on the Monte Carlo method is applied, and the sensitivity index of each parameter at the defined range is computed. Results show that $$J_{\text{m}}$$ is highly sensitive to bulk feed inlet temperature ( $$T_{{{\text{in}},{\text{f}}}}$$ ) while both $$J_{\text{m}}$$ and thermal efficiency are highly sensitive to membrane porosity. Results show that among all parameters, just membrane porosity is highly sensitive which affects both mass flux and thermal efficiency especially at low $$T_{{{\text{in}}.{\text{f}}}}$$ .

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Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Desalination
Thermal Efficiency
Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
Multi-parameter Sensitivity Analysis
Water Mass Flux
Mass Flux
Monte Carlo Method
Temperature-dependent Correlations
Flow In Ducts
Multi-parameter Analysis

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