We sampled fishes of the rivers Gendwuha, Guang, Shinfa, and Ayima with 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14cm stretched mesh gillnet, monofilament of different mesh sizes, hook and line, fykenet and castnet. During October 2007 through January 2008 in both dry and wet seasons. 27 fish species were identified from the four rivers represented by the families: Centropomidae, Cichlidae, Bagridae, Schilbeidae, Clariidae, Mochokidae, Malapteruridae, Osteoglossidae, Mormyridae, Characidae, Citharinidae and Cyprinidae. Species richness was slightly highest in the rivers Shinfa and Ayima - 20 species each, whereas 16 and 18 species were identified from Gendwuha and Guang rivers, respectively. Most destructive fishing methods used in the region include plant poisons and chemicals (Malathion) which are nonselective and dangerous for all biota. Action towards awareness creation in this respect should be urgently undertaken before extinction of species.

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