Aquatic Living Resources | VOL. 22

Fish stock assessments using surveys and indicators

Publication Date Apr 1, 2009


Conventional fish stock assessment methods are mostly dependent on commercial catch data. But there are more and more situations in which alternative assessment methods are needed. For instance, for stocks that are collapsed, the fishery might be closed so that fishery catches are unavailable or unreliable. Misreporting and unaccounted discards generate difficulties reliably converting landings to effective catches at sea. Also, advice is required for an increasing number of stocks, and for many of them historical series of fishery catches disaggregated by age do not exist, making conventional assessments impossible. In that context, research survey-based measurements made at sea with standardised methods and in known conditions represent an invaluable set of fishery-independent data on which to base an assessment. What type of assessment do these data lead to and how could such assessments be useful alongside or instead of existing methods? The collection of papers in this special issue addresses these questions. The papers present methodology for single-species stock assessments and management strategies using only fishery-independent information from research surveys. Examples to illustrate the use of methods are also provided. For some papers scripts in the R language are attached on-line. The methods were developed within the EU project FISBOAT on Fishery Independent Survey Based Operational Assessment Tools (FP6 contract No. 502572; They belong to three categories: monitoring procedur...


Ecosystem Assessment Harvest Control Rules Stock Assessment Estimation Of Reference Points Simulation Evaluation Tools Commercial Catch Data Fish Stock Assessment Alternative Assessment Methods Indicator-based Assessments Simulation Tools

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