Biodiversity Data Journal | VOL. 9

Fish species richness in the Terminos Lagoon: An occurrence data compilation of four sampling campaigns along a multidecadal series

Publication Date May 21, 2021


Here we present an occurrence dataset that contributes to the knowledge of tropical fish distribution in coastal habitats from the Terminos Lagoon Flora and Fauna Protection Area, one of the largest lagoon ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico. Fish are high biomass keystone species in the Terminos Lagoon which provide socio-economic and ecosystem services. An initiative in 1980 was carried out to systematically sample the fish community of Terminos Lagoon for an annual cycle; the effectiveness of its results led to replicate in the lagoon the same sampling design for three more campaigns in 1998, 2010 and 2016. Constituted as a Flora and Fauna Protection Area in 1994, the Terminos Lagoon has received many efforts to inventory its biodiversity, particularly on the fish community since the 70s; however, these studies did not have consistent survey protocols, nor the longevity of the present study, which was over four decades. A total of 141 fish species, belonging to 90 genera, 49 families, 20 orders and two classes are presented in this study. Information on fish species occurrence data is provided corresponding to the Terminos Lagoon coastal ecosystem, southern Gulf of Mexico, assembled from four time periods at 1980, 1998, 2010 and 2016. The records form part of a consistently homogeneous database compilation, mostly derived from the research programme's sampled material on tropical fishery resources of the “Instituto de Ecologia, Pesquerias y Oceanografia del Golfo de Mexico (EPOMEX)”. The current dataset represents ...


Terminos Lagoon Instituto De Ecologia Southern Gulf Of Mexico Fish Community Fish Species Richness Multidecadal Series Lagoon Ecosystem Fish Species Coastal Habitats Gulf Of Mexico

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