International Journal of Food Science | VOL. 2

First Study of the Turkey ( Meleagris Gallopavo ) in Cameroon: Assessing Turkey Biodiversity in the Highlands of West-Cameroon

Publication Date Mar 17, 2017


The study was undertaken from November 2015 to January 2016. It had as a general objective to contribute to the knowledge of turkey’s biodiversity of the Highlands of West-Cameroon for their safeguard and for their genetic improvement. More specifically, it was aimed at evaluating turkeys’ morphobiometric diversity and estimating correlation coefficients between measurements and Live Weight. To achieve these goals, a sample of 236 adult turkeys whose 141 females and 95 males was randomly selected in four Divisions in the zone of study. The principal results show that the turkey’s plumage colouring in the Highlands of West-Cameroon is very varied, with a prevalence of bronzed (54.50%). Head colouring is also very variable, but the blue-red (28.94%) and pink (23.86%) are more frequent. Shanks are most often pink (36.85%), but can also be black-red (21.30%) or clear-pink (20.30%). Eyes are black-chestnut (63.13%), chestnut (16.95%) and grey-black (12.18%). In the same way, studied quantitative characters are very variable, with a sexual dimorphism in favour of the males. Thus, the average weight of the studied animals is of 6.11 ± 0.19 Kg with a variation coefficient of 49%. However, males are approximately 23% heavier (7.93 ± 0.19 Kg) than females (4.89 ± 0.25 Kg). In addition, studied body measurements are significantly (P < 0.05) higher in tom turkeys, although variable with the considered Divisions. All the correlations are positive, but correlations between Live Weight and the length of the snood (r = 0.55) and the thoraci...


Snood Highlands Of West-Cameroon Turkeys Estimating Correlation Coefficients Tom Turkeys Live Weight Plumage Chestnut Thoracic Circumference Sexual Dimorphism

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