Plant Disease | VOL. 105

First Report of Fruit Blight Caused by Alternaria alternata on Sesame in Northeast China

Publication Date Apr 8, 2021


Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is an important oilseed crop in China and it is also used in food and health products. In August of 2019, a blight sesame fruit was observed in a field of Liaoyang city, Liaoning province of China. Initial disease symptoms consisted of brown or dark brown spots on fruit. With time, lesions coalesced and the whole fruit turned dark brown or black. Most of the diseased fruit had thin and small, deformed, necrotic, hardened cracked epidermal lesions. Lesions were also produced on stem and petioles leading to leaf abscission. The disease results in premature fruit death, and in turn, considerable yield losses. To determine the causal agent, symptomatic fruit with developing lesions were collected, and surface sterilized in 2% NaClO for 3 min, rinsed three times in distilled water, and plated onto PDA medium. After incubation at 25°C for 5 days, a dark olivaceous fungus with abundant, branched, brown to black, and septate hyphae was consistently isolated. Twenty single spores were separated with an inoculation needle under stereomicroscope. The conidia were in chains, brown, obclavate, ovoid or ellipsoid, with 1-6 transverse septa and 0-4 longitudinal or oblique septa 12.5 to 45 × 6.5 to 14.5 μm in size. Conidiophores were septate, light brown to olive brown, measuring 22-60 μm × 2-4 μm. The morphological characteristics of the 20 isolates all matched the description of Alternaria alternata (Simmons, 2007). The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of rDNA of 15 isolates was amplified using primers ...


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