Acta Histochemica | VOL. 124

Fabrication of bioartificial pancreas using decellularized rat testicular tissue

Publication Date Aug 1, 2022


Diabetes is a chronic disease that is associated with a decrease or disfunction of β-cell. In the present study, fabrication of bioartificial pancreas using MIN-6 β-cell line seeded in decellularized rat testicles was investigated. In this experimental study, the whole body of testes were decellularized and after characterization, were seeded by MIN-6 cell line. The expression of insulin-related genes and proteins including PDX-1, Glut2, Insulin, and Neurogenin-3 were evaluated. Insulin secretion was assessed under different concentrations of glucose. Seeded scaffolds with or without MIN-6 cells were transplanted to the rat's mesentery and their blood sugar and body weight were evaluated every three days for 28 days and analyzed with H&E staining. Histological assessments indicated the cells were completely removed after decellularization. The scaffold had no toxic impacts on the MIN-6 cells (P˂ 0.02). Insulin release in response to different concentrations of glucose in 3D culture (testis-ECM) was significantly more than the traditional 2D monolayer culture (P<0.001). Moreover, the relative genes and proteins expression were significantly higher in the 3D culture, compared to the 2D control group. In vivo transplantation of the (testis- Extra Cellular Matrix) testis-ECM scaffolds showed appropriate positions for transplantation with angiogenesis and low infiltration of inflammatory cells. The recellularized scaffolds could drop blood sugar levels and increase the body-weight of STZ-diabetic rats (P<0.01). Our study clearly ...


Expression Of Insulin-related Genes MIN-6 Cells Insulin Release In Response MIN-6 Cell Line Recellularized Scaffolds 3D Culture Concentrations Of Glucose Decellularized Rat Cellular Matrix Rat's Mesentery

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