Acta Chromatographica

Extraction and quantification of melatonin in cornelian cherry (Cornus mas L.) by ultra-fast liquid chromatography coupled to fluorescence detector (UFLC-FD)

Publication Date Jun 20, 2022


Abstract Wild edible plants (WEPs) can be widely found in the world and defined as native species that grow naturally in their natural habitat. They have become part of the traditional food as human diet and used in folk medicine to treat diseases. They are very rich in terms of nutraceuticals. Melatonin is a natural hormone providing several benefits for human health. It has functions such as regulating growth and development and increasing tolerance to environmental stress factors in plants. It is stated that the serum melatonin level in humans increases after intake of foods containing melatonin. This study examined the presence of melatonin in wild grown cornelian cherry fruits by UFLC-FD and determined suitable extraction and chromatographic conditions. The optimum mobile phase, excitation/emission wavelength, and extraction solvent were determined as methanol: water: acetic acid, 275/345 nm, and methanol: water: HCl, respectively. Melatonin content in fruits ranged from 130.82 to 201.84 ng g−1 in fresh fruit.


Quantification Of Melatonin Cornelian Cherry Serum Melatonin Level Benefits For Human Health Optimum Mobile Phase Content In Fruits Melatonin Content Chromatographic Conditions Fresh Fruit Extraction Solvent

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