Experiential Education as Pedagogy for Social Justice, Praxis and Practice for Shaping 21st-Century Global Citizen Leaders Stellenbosch University's Division Student Affairs, Centre for Student Leadership, Experiential Education end Citizenship's Co-curriculum Office, presented the Stellenbosch University Experiential Education Conference (SUEEC) from 10 to 11 November 2020. This was Stellenbosch University's first online conference and a first in South Africa and Africa focusing on experiential education and social justice. This two-day virtual highereducation conference was designed with experiential educators in civil society, university student affairs practitioners, and academics from across the world.The conference theme of Experiential education as pedagogy for social justice: praxis and practice for shaping 21st century global citizen leaders' emerged even more pertinent at a time of mass global upheaval, uncertainty and humanitarian crises. The intention of the SUEEC was to spotlight emerging trends and transitions in the higher education experiential learning domain and the intersections thereof with social justice and the formation of the global citizen leader. To accomplish the above entailed inviting world renown keynote speakers and subject matter experts, and to call for abstracts, master classesand exemplars (examples of best practice in experiential education).

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