Context A concept map is a graphical and cognitive tool that enables learners to link together interrelated concepts using propositions or statements that answer a posed problem. As an assessment tool, concept mapping reveals a learner's research skill proficiency and cognitive processing. Background The identification and organization of the relationships between concepts are the hallmark of concept mapping that build knowledge acquisition and clinical reasoning skill. Concept mapping does not emphasize linear relationships but the complexity of reciprocal relationships, linking new knowledge to prior knowledge. The brain works by making analogical links between past and current information and utilizes these links to create new mental models to solve a current or future problem. Students engage in a search of the literature and synthesize and critique the findings for integration into an approach to address a clinical question or problem. Objectives Provide health profession educators with an understanding of how concept mapping can be utilized to assess and build students' clinical reasoning as well as promote transfer of learning from the classroom to the clinical setting. Description An overview of the concept mapping process as well as rationale for its use to build clinical reasoning and decision-making skill is provided. Suggestions are also provided for its use as a competency instruction and assessment tool. Clinical Advantages Concept mapping reveals the gaps in a student's clinical reasoning and decision-making process, assists in filling these gaps and builds student understanding and application of evidence-based medicine to inform appropriate clinical decisions. Conclusions Through examination of concepts, their associated problems and how best to solve them based on evidence, concept mapping complements the instruction and assessment of educational competencies. The concept mapping process facilitates a student-centered learning approach, which can be peer or instructor evaluated.

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