Web technology is one of the key areas in information and communication technology to be used as a powerful tool in ensuring food security which is one of the main issues in Sri Lanka. Web technology involves in communicating and sharing resources in network of computers all over the world. Main focus of food security is to ensure that all people have fair access to sufficient and quality food without endangering the future supply of the same food. In this context, web sites play a vital and major role in achieving food security in Sri Lanka. In this case study, websites pertaining to Sri Lankan government and link with food security were analyzed to find out their impact in achieving the goals of food security using web technologies and how they are being involved in ensuring food security in Sri Lanka. The other objective of this study is to make the Sri Lankan government aware of present situation of those websites in addressing food security related issues and how modern web technologies could be effectively and efficiently used to address those issues. So, the relevant websites were checked against several criteria and scores were used to assess their capabilities to address the concerns of food security. It was found that the amount of emphasis given by these websites to address the issues of food security is not satisfactory. Further, it showed that if these web sites could be improved further, they would generate a powerful impact on ensuring food security in Sri Lanka.

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