In comparison with the large number of population they have, the deaf community have not been given due attention in terms of education in Ethiopia. This was the main problem that initiated the researcher to conduct research on this area. The general objective of this study is to assess the educational accessibility of Ethiopian Sign Language for the deaf community. The research is a qualitative one and it was based on interviews and discussions made through interpreters’ assistance. Deaf students, deaf students’ teachers and Zone Educational Bureaus Officers were study participants. The study is important in indicating the relevancy needed for educating people who are deaf and with hard hearing. The findings of the study indicate that deaf education in Ethiopia is characterized by absence of enough schools for the deaf and with information gap on the access of deaf education.   Key words: Sign language, Ethiopian sign language, sign language education, sign dialects, mutual intelligibility.


  • IntroductionDisability is a grave concern among all the physically impaired communities of the world

  • The United Nations Convention on the human right has defined disability as follows

  • These study areas are situated at different regions of the country, where the level of sign language educational accessibility for the deaf is not expected to be uniform and the analysis of the dialectal varieties of Ethiopian sign language could be more feasible

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Disability is a grave concern among all the physically impaired communities of the world. It calls for global attention of mankind towards improving the life of the deaf. Deafness and hard hearing are among the many types of disabilities that a number of world populations might be a victim of it at any age. It is one of the disabilities of our hearing sense organ that could occur when one or both ears are affected, either totally or partially. A loss of 35 to 70 dB is generally considered as hard of hearing, while a loss of 90 dB or greater is considered profoundly


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