The floodplain areas along the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan are essential as they hold the riparian (local) ecosystems because they provide firewood, pastureland, and areas for recreation and protection against erosion. Due to limited access to adequate, reliable, and sustainable energy services, the rural population usually derived their energy needs from multiple natural energy resources (i.e., firewood, charcoal, agricultural residues, animal dung, and wood branches). This is considered a common and predominant practice in rural Kyrgyzstan. This situation leads to a negative impact on local ecosystem services. In addition to that, the reliance on solid fuels contributes to indoor and outdoor air pollution, which is partially threatening the local ecosystem services. By contrast, the employment of renewable-based energy supply systems would substantially reduce the burden on the environment, which is mainly untapped. To integrate renewable energies, it is important to understand the energy behavior of floodplain communities. In that response, the presented article is the first attempt to capture the energy identity of the floodplain community of Kyrgyzstan based on a quantitative energy-based (on-site) household survey. Furthermore, the present research article synthesizes the driving factors that have a (direct or indirect) impact on the energy and local ecosystem services. In addition, the present article proposes a brief pathway for the sustainable energy transition. The article records the recommendation to integrate renewable energies to preserve the local ecosystems of Kyrgyzstan.


  • The recent theoretical development identified that locally available renewable energy resources could be employed to ensure a sustainable energy supply in Kyrgyzstan

  • It can be outlined from the expert opinion that geographical situation, seasonal income, limited money to spend on electricity, absence of modern energy services, and current building stocks are substantially accountable for the traditional energy approach

  • The floodplains ecosystems along the Naryn River are in the natural state, and their ecosystems provide essential services to the local population

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Background and Context

Ecosystems offer a wide spectrum of mandatory services for the sustainable functioning of the environment, social development, economic development, and, the development of the human being. Described the water resources and their management including ecosystems in Central Asia Such essential ecosystems, especially in rural Kyrgyzstan, are exposed to overexploitation because people have heavily utilized the natural resources provided by Sustainability 2021, 13, 13086. According to Brakema et al [9], the high-altitude rural settlements in Kyrgyzstan are vulnerable to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and significantly experience respiratory issues because of household air pollution This pollution directly or indirectly contributes to climate change. The recent theoretical development identified that locally available renewable energy resources could be employed to ensure a sustainable energy supply in Kyrgyzstan. Such a sustainable solution can be helpful to reduce the burden on the local ecosystem [13,14]. This is how the reliance on the ecosystem and environment can be reduced [5]

Research Objective and Contribution to Knowledge
Ak-Tallocated is a high-altitude floodplain area around
Sample Size Calculation and Selection
Building Characteristics
Thermal Comfort
Thermal images of different
11. Average
Space Heating and Heating Fuels
Cooking and Cooking
Hot Water Preparation
Capturing Energy Profile and Trajectory for a Sustainable Energy Transition
Driving Factors for Traditional Energy Approach
A Way to Environmental Sustainability: A Brief Overview
Potential Recommendations
Limitations of the Study

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