The sustainable energy will play a key role in the future of the planet, not only because in 20 years Biomass is expected to deliver around 30% of total energy consumption, but also because BioEnergy, produced mainly through combustion and gasification of agro-industrial waste, woody materials and forest crops, is expected to be fundamental for sustainable energy production. Problems related to the emissions of greenhouse gases, lack of fossil natural resources and the increasing price of fuels have progressively encouraged research and adoption of new technological strategies for energy production from renewable sources and application of waste-to-energy (WTE) concepts. Syngas obtained from gasification of biomass and industrial wastes constitutes an interesting resource for energy generation because it has lower impacts for the environment compared to traditional technologies and allows for the valorisation of waste residues as feedstock. This work presents the scope, potential and technologies related to the use of biomass resources with a focus on thermal gasification of wastes.

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