IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | VOL. 916

Energy greenhouse gas emission inventory in Batu City

Publication Date Nov 1, 2021


The development of the tourism sector in Batu City is in line with the development of non-agricultural activities in Batu City that dominates 66.7% of Batu City’s land use pattern. This pattern is related to the energy demand in Batu City and contributes to the increasing GHG emissions from the energy sector. The energy sector contributes 24-25% of GHG emissions and it will increase along with further development of activities. The GHG emission inventory is an important step related to GHG emission reduction, and, due to the uncertainty of GHG emission distribution, the inventory was based on the sources of emission. The main purpose of this research is to make an inventory of the amount of GHG emission from the energy sector in Batu City from 3 main emission sources in Batu, namely transportation, commercial, and household. The analytical method used is the Tier 1 approach using a database of energy consumption and the number of activities as an emission source. The results show that the total amount of GHG emissions from the energy sector in Batu City is 2,562,159,822,007.89 kg/year with an average increase of 0.75% per year and is dominated by emission sources from the household sector. The average increase in GHG emissions from the transportation sector is 58.83% with a significant increase in 2015. In the commercial sector, the average annual increase in GHG emissions is 3.83%, and the household sector—as the largest energy consumer—has an average increase in GHG emissions each year of 0.75%.


Batu City Average Increase GHG Emissions Development Of Non-agricultural Activities Amount Of GHG Emissions Database Of Energy Consumption GHG Emission Inventory Household Sector Energy Sector Main Emission Sources

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