Supercritical water desalination (SCWD) is zero liquid discharge technology that can potentially control the solubility of different electrolytes. However, SCWD is an energy-intensive process and requires high-quality thermal heat (> 450 °C). This study proposes the integration of a high-temperature heat pump to reduce the SCWD energy requirement. The integrated system energy consumption improves by 36% for 3.5% feed concentration and 14% for 20% feed, and the distillate cost reduces by 15% and 10%. Another benefit of the proposed integration is the system can be operated using only electricity as a heat source, as is the case with commonly used high-recovery thermal desalination technology. The integrated SCWD-heat pump system shows superior performance compared to the commercially used brine concentrator and crystallizer system. It is approximately 20% more energy-efficient for 25% feed concentration and 8% cheaper. Hence, the integrated SCWD-heat pump has the potential to outperform the pre-existing high-recovery desalination technology.

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