Energy Efficient Strategies and Renewable Energy Technologies for Desalination

Publication Date Jan 1, 2011


Energy is often the most significant factor in the affordability and sustainability of treating various different source waters with reverse osmosis membrane facilities. More than 33% of the cost to produce water using reverse osmosis (RO) technology is attributed to electrical demands. The largest energy-consuming component of the overall treatment are the high pressure pumps required to feed water to the process. Because of the high energy burden and production of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, renewable energy is being increasingly considered for desalination projects. The selection of the appropriate renewable energy resource depends on several factors, including plant size, feed water salinity, remoteness, availability of grid electricity, technical infrastructure, and the type and potential of the local renewable energy resource. The cost of desalination with renewable energy resources, as opposed to desalination with conventional energy sources, can be an important alternative to consider when reduced environmental impact and lower gas emissions are required. Considering the proposed climate protection targets that have been set and the strong environmental drivers for lowered energy usage, future water desalination and advanced water treatment systems around the world could be increasingly powered by renewable energy resources. In addition to renewables, energy optimization/minimization is deemed critical to desalting resource management. Methods employed include enhanced system design, high efficiency pumping, ener...


Renewable Energy Resource Advanced Water Treatment Systems Energy Recovery Devices Feed Water Salinity Production Of Greenhouse Gas Cost Of Desalination High Efficiency Pumping Lower Gas Emissions Conventional Energy Sources Potential Of Renewable Energy Resource

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