Sukatha procedia

Energy efficiency implementation and Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by replacing air conditioners by hot water absorption chiller

Publication Date Aug 13, 2021


Climate change impacts are burning issues now-a-days all over the world. GHG emissions are mostly due to fossil fuel burning and inefficient energy use. Energy inefficiencies occurred by use of conventional energy technologies. The textile industries are one of the major manufacturing sectors in Bangladesh and energy consumption is quite high for energy production in this sector. Due to high energy demand, most of the textile industries use non-renewable energy source like natural gas, diesel and furnace oil for energy production. This high energy demand increases high consumption of fossil fuels & accelerating emission of GHGs. So, for future sustainability, energy efficiency is must to reduce GHGs and lowering the quantity of natural gas use for energy production. Moreover, purchased electricity consumption from national grid is also increasing every year. This report shows energy efficiency incorporation by using low energy consuming technologies for HVAC systems where co-generation is used i.e. using generator exhausts or hot cooling water (as a source of heat) for making cool water and use it for air cooling which will reduce dependency on air conditioners enhancing GHGs emission reduction. This will reduce the quantity of high Global warming potential refrigerants (R-22, R-134a and R407c) used in air conditioners. No extra heat source will be required in my process design & reuse the hot water as heat source for air cooling cycle. Financial feasibility also has done which will ensure economic profitability in p...


Greenhouse Gas Reduction High Global Warming Potential Refrigerants Extra Heat Source Greenhouse Gas Energy Efficiency Implementation Textile Industries Non-renewable Energy Source Air Conditioners High Energy Demand Natural Gas

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