The increasing cost of fuel and petroleum product puts special emphasis on control energy losses in a chemical process industry. The question of energy saving in a chemical process alone is not an entrepreneurial goal. Energy saving is, therefore only intending for an enterprise as far as it senses this goal of cost saving. One of the first step towards energy economy in a process design is to identify points of energy usage. Maximum design flexibility is essential to the economical conservation of energy. The energy cycle to be considered must not be prematurely dictated by processes. Alternative for the overall industry should be considered first, then alternatives for specific plant or units and finally alternatives for varies energy loops within a plant or unit. The aim and objective of this paper is to identify sources of energy waste in a chemical process industry. These energy waste sources are then carefully monitored and under vigilant plant operation and lunching energy conservation programs with the full management support it could be possible to save the energy from 5 to 15 percent of energy consumed in a chemical process industry different improved modification will reduce the energy waste3, hence plant can approach to its maximum efficiency.

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