Journal of Environment and Engineering | VOL. 2

Energy Balance of Stirling Engine Cogeneration and Installation Potentiality in Cold Region Houses

Publication Date Jan 1, 2007


The Stirling engine (SEG) that uses waste product and biomass as fuel is a clean energy system with few greenhouse gas discharges. However, improvement of generation efficiency and development of a product are required strongly. In this paper, the energy flow is investigated in experimenting in Test SEG. These results are installed into the energy demand pattern of cold region houses with much heat demand, and the amount of fuel consumption, power generation efficiency, and a greenhouse gas amount of emission are investigated. Operations of the proposed system are SEG base-load operation and SEG power-load-following operation. Moreover, when there is less exhaust heat of the SEG than a heat demand amount, the electric heat pump is operated. From analysis results, the energy cost, the greenhouse gas emission characteristic, the auxiliary heat source, and the operation plan of a heat storage tank due to the conventional method and the proposed system were described. It is thought that greenhouse gas and the energy cost of the SEG cogeneration made to follow power load are advantageous compared with the SEG base load operation. However, it turned out that improvement in the speed of the load response characteristic of the SEG is required as a future subject.

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Stirling Engine
Cold Region Houses
Improvement Of Generation Efficiency
Auxiliary Heat Source
Greenhouse Gas
Electric Heat Pump
Clean Energy System
Power Generation Efficiency
Heat Demand
Waste Product

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