Applied Energy | VOL. 169

Energy and environmental assessment of integrated biogas trigeneration and photovoltaic plant as more sustainable industrial system

Publication Date May 1, 2016


Abstract The biogas fired tri-generation system for cooling, heating and electricity generation (BCCHP + PV) supported by a photovoltaic system (PV) is discussed and analyzed from energetic and ecological effectiveness point of view. Analyzed system is based on the internal combustion engine and the adsorption machine. For the evaluation of primary energy savings in the BCCHP aided by PV system, the indicators of the total primary energy savings ( TPES ) and relative primary energy savings Δ PES were defined. Also an analysis is carried out of the reduction of greenhouse gases emission. In the ecological potential evaluation, the environmental impact as an indicator of the total greenhouse gasses reduction (TGHGR) is taken into account. The presented detailed algorithm for the evaluation of the multigeneration system in the global balance boundary can be applied for the analysis of energy effects (consumption of primary energy) as well as ecological effect (emission of greenhouse gasses) for real data (e.g. hour by hour through the year of operation) taking into account random availability of renewable energy. It allows to take into account a very important factor characterized for renewable energy systems (RES) which is the variability or random availability (e.g. in the case of photovoltaic – PV) of primary energy. Particularly in the presented work the effects of the analysis and the application of the discusses algorithms have been demonstrated for the hour-by-hour availability of solar radiation and for the daily changi...


Primary Energy Savings Availability Of Solar Radiation Sustainable Industrial System Reduction Of Greenhouse Gases Emission Primary Energy Consumption Of Primary Energy Cogeneration Unit Availability Of Energy Emission Of Greenhouse Gasses Renewable Energy Systems

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