Ecology | VOL. 53

Energetics of High and Low Populations of the Limpet, Acmaea Scabra (Gould)

Publication Date May 1, 1972


The dynamics of naturally occurring high (zone 1) and low (zone 2) populations of the limpet, Acmaea scabra, were investigated on Bodega Head in Sonoma County, California. Populations at different intertidal heights can be considered separate because migration between levels is precluded by the homing behavior of A. scabra. Each population was investigated by means of 400—cm2 quadrats containing marked individuals; the quadrats were censused approximately every 2 months and yielded information on density, size distribution, dispersion, recruitment, growth, and mortality. Samples were collected from each population approximately every 2 weeks to determine the seasonal pattern of reproduction and changes in size—specific weights. In zone 1 the probable pattern of food availability was distinctly seasonal because of the interaction of tides and climate. Growth and reproduction in this zone were also seasonal, probably increasing and decreasing with the food supply. Seasonal changes in size—specific weights w...

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Seasonal Changes In Size
Bodega Head
Changes In Size
Intertidal Heights
Sonoma County
Marked Individuals
Seasonal Pattern Of Changes
Low Populations
High Populations
Food Supply

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