The rapid resolution of racemic N-4-nitrobenzoylamino acid isopropyl esters was accomplished without the loss of enantioselectivity by supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) on novel chiral valine—diamide phases with carbon dioxide and a polar methanol modifier. In each stationary phase, a chiral moiety was anchored to the silica gel surface by a long decamethylene spacer. The anantioselectivity in SFC was comparable to that in liquid chromatography using 2-propanol- n-hexane. The time required for analysis was less than 5 min, and the range of enantiomer resolution ( R s) was 10.8–1.25. On using 2-propanol in place of methanol the separation was improved, but was accompanied by a decrease in column efficiency. The end-capping effect of the remaining surface silanols on enantiomer resolution is discussed.

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