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En las antípodas del trabajo decente: el trabajo forzoso

Publication Date Sep 24, 2018


The Agenda for development for after 2015 was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations and within it the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are included. The eighth objective of sustainable development has as its headline: «Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all». The reverse of decent work is represented by forced labor. Forced labor is a flagrant violation of human rights and in many cases a crime. Thus, it is necessary to approach this phenomenon to diagnose its incidence in our societies and adopt whatever measures are necessary to put an end to this execrable phenomenon.

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Sustainable Economic Growth
Forced Labor
Violation Of Human Rights
Decent Work
Inclusive Economic Growth
Human Rights
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Employment
Full Work
Inclusive Growth

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