Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales | VOL. 43

En Italie méridionale : Déséquilibres régionaux et réseaux de transport du milieu du XVIII<sup>e</sup> siècle à l'Unité italienne

Publication Date Oct 1, 1988


Regional Imbalance and Transportation Network in Southern Italy from the Middle of the 18th Century to the Unification of Italy. ; ; Up until the Napoleonic conquest, the road network in the Mezzogiorno (Southern Italian) peninsula, though greatly reduced in scope, was organized according to a centripetal model answering above all to the central government's political, administrative and military needs and to those related to Naples' food supply. The construction ex novo of approximately 5,000 kilometers of royal and provincial roads during the first half of the 19th century rendered the highway communication System more extensive and functional, i.e. better able to meet the requirements of the administrative reorganization and the productive and commercial development of the provinces. Campania and Puglia were virtually the only provinces to benefit from this massive road construction, managing to mobilize a maximum of financial resources for provincial public works, and to play a strategic role in the kingdom 's economic development.

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Food Supply
Provincial Roads
Southern Italian
Southern Italian Peninsula
Government's Political
Regional Transportation Network
Transportation Network
Southern Italy
Road Network
Royal Roads

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