Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects | VOL. 29

Employment of Anaerobic Digestion Process of Municipal Solid Waste for Energy

Publication Date Mar 28, 2007


Jordan is a country with a population of about five million people. It is considered a developing country that is deficient in generating its own energy source, and it relies significantly on imports of fuels from other countries, which plays an important role in various environmental related problems and issues. Jordan is distinguished among the developing countries by its reasonable industrialization and significant agricultural activities. The amount of waste generated is on the increase due to a continuing significant increase in population and it currently faces pollution of its limited fresh water sources. To mitigate the current and future environmental problems facing Jordan due to fossil fuel use and associated environment problems, Jordan is taking into consideration steps including the utilization of the biogas technology to replace fossil fuel, since Jordan is a nation striving to meet the expected energy demand that grows annually by 6%. Studies of quantity per capita estimates Jordan's generated daily waste as 8,000 tons, which is comparable to that of most semi-industrialized nations. Of that, 3,200 tons is household waste and the rest of it is waste related to industry or agricultural. Much of the total waste is organic, which could be utilized through a process of anaerobic digestion and already has been in use for decades in industrialized nations to produce clean burning methane gas, electricity, fuel, and fertilizers. Anaerobic digestion process releases no greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Jordan's ge...


Anaerobic Digestion Process Process Of Municipal Solid Waste Environmental Problems Environmental Related Problems Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases Capital Of Jordan Digestion Process Landfill Operation Biogas Plant Accumulation Of Solid Waste

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