IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | VOL. 252

Empirical Study on the Decomposition of Carbon Emission Factors in Agricultural Energy Consumption

Publication Date Jul 9, 2019


The development of low-carbon agriculture is an effective way to maintain sustainable development of agriculture. By using Kaya’s identities to study the factors affecting China’s agricultural energy consumption carbon emissions, it is found that technical factors, low-carbon agricultural factors, rural living standards, and indirect urbanization. Factors and population size factors are important factors influencing the carbon emissions of agricultural energy consumption. Based on this, the paper uses LMDI index analysis method to decompose the above factors and the contribution rate. It is found that both technical factors and low-carbon technology factors can reduce agricultural carbon emissions, and the emission reduction ability of agricultural low-carbon technology factors is stronger than that. Agricultural technology factors. The total population change can drive carbon emissions positively, but the driving force is not strong. Urbanization indicators are driving a weaker positive for agricultural carbon emissions. To this end, the paper proposes that in the process of developing modern agriculture, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of low-carbon agriculture technology, and promote the development of urbanization in an orderly manner in order to achieve the goal of low-carbon agriculture and sustainable development.

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Agricultural Carbon Emissions
Agricultural Energy Consumption
Agricultural Technology
Development Of Low-carbon Agriculture
Low-carbon Factors
Carbon Emissions
Population Size Factors
Agricultural Emissions
Total Population Change
Technical Factors

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