Chinese Journal of Population Resources and Environment | VOL. 13

Empirical research on construction of a measurement framework for tourism carbon emission in China

Publication Date Apr 16, 2015


According to the logic process of carbon reduction in China which arises from the measurement to reduction, from reduction to offsetting, the measurement of carbon emission in the tourism industry was the first and key step. Based on the life cycle assessment theory and input–output analysis, this article used economic and environmental measurement technologies, The System of National Accounting (SNA), Tourism Satellite Account (TSA), System of Integrated Environment and Economic Accounting (SEEA), and so on, and built up a top-down carbon emission analysis framework for the tourism industry and estimated carbon emission of the tourism industry in China in 2007. The finding showed that the total carbon emission of the tourism industry in China in 2007 was 169.78 million tons, covering 2.71% of carbon emission of all industries in China in 2007, and 2.44% of the total carbon emission in China in 2007. The direct carbon emission of the tourism industry in China in 2007 was 73.56 million tons, including tran...


Tourism Industry In China Carbon Emission In China Tourism Satellite Account Life Cycle Assessment Theory System Of National Accounting Measurement Of Carbon Emission Carbon Emission Reduction In China Tourism Industry Total Carbon Emission

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