Emphasizing on the Significance of Safety for Overall Sustainable Development

Publication Date Jan 1, 2018


Known to be one of the most arid regions in the world, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is particularly vulnerable to climate-induced impacts on water resources and food production. Despite this alarming situation, promoting adaptive governance strategies to deal with such increased hydrological risk remains a low priority for most of political leaderships in the region. It is increasingly clear that adaptation to climate change and environmental sustainability are closely linked to water availability and food production added to a set of social, economic and political factors. In most of the MENA countries, climate change is likely to lead to reduced rainfall and consequently a real threat to food security in what are already dry regions. In certain cases, an intensification of the water cycle has caused more extreme floods and droughts in some countries of the region. Generally, climate change acts as a “threat multiplier” increasing existing vulnerabilities among already vulnerable and poor populations and existing threats to security, and can indirectly rise risks of violent conflict in the region. It is worthy to note that climate impacts will not be equally distributed, and much will depend upon national resources and adaptive capacities which is one of the main focus of the study. Thus, we will attempt to delineate the expected and dynamic impacts of climate change and environmental sustainability on food-water poverty and analyze how the political, economic, and institutional drivers may have shaped governance...


Middle East And North Africa Environmental Sustainability Indicators Poverty Indicators Middle East And North Africa Countries Poor Population Environmental Sustainability Food-water Nexus Climate Change Least Squares Dummy Variables Household Final Consumption Expenditure

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