IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | VOL. 8

Emissions of greenhouse gases (methane and nitrous oxide) from cattle slurry storage in Northern Europe

Publication Date Nov 1, 2009


Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from stored manure corresponded to 14% of overall GHG emissions from Swedish agriculture in 2006 according to calculations using standard values for a cool climate. The present study identified storage conditions for cattle slurry in different regions of Sweden, developed methodology for measuring GHGs from slurry stored under similar conditions to full-scale storage, and determined annual GHG emissions (methane and nitrous oxide) from stored cattle slurry under Swedish conditions. Temperature measurements in full-scale storage of cattle slurry on farms showed a mean annual slurry temperature of 9.7°C in south-west Sweden and 5.6°C in the north. The closed chamber methodology and equipment developed for measuring GHG emissions were implemented for one year in a pilot-scale plant with similar conditions to full-scale storage as regards slurry temperature, climate and filling/emptying routines. During winter (Oct-April), methane emissions from stored cattle slurry were 3.6 g CH4-C per kg VS, while during summer (May-Sept) they were 6.5 g CH4-C per kg VS. This corresponded to an annual methane conversion factor (MCF) of 2.7%. Losses of nitrous oxide were close to zero.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cattle Slurry Losses Of Nitrous Oxide Methane Conversion Factor Full-scale Storage Nitrous Oxide Total Greenhouse Gas Swedish Conditions Slurry Temperature South-west Sweden

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