Journal of Environmental Management | VOL. 196

Emission of greenhouse gases from waste incineration in Korea

Publication Date Jul 1, 2017


Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission factors previously reported from various waste incineration plants have shown significant variations according to country-specific, plant-specific, and operational conditions. The purpose of this study is to estimate GHG emissions and emission factors at nine incineration facilities in Korea by measuring the GHG concentrations in the flue gas samples. The selected incineration plants had different operation systems (i.e., stoker, fluidized bed, moving grate, rotary kiln, and kiln & stoker), and different nitrogen oxide (NOx) removal systems (i.e., selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)) to treat municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial solid waste (CSW), and specified waste (SW). The total mean emission factors for A and B facilities for MSW incineration were found to be 134±17kg CO2 ton-1, 88±36g CH4 ton-1, and 69±16g N2O ton-1, while those for CSW incineration were 22.56g CH4 ton-1 and 259.76g N2O ton-1, and for SW incineration emission factors were 2959kg CO2 ton-1, 43.44g CH4 ton-1 and 401.21g N2O ton-1, respectively. Total emissions calculated using annual incineration for MSW were 3587 ton CO2-eq yr-1 for A facility and 11,082 ton CO2-eq yr-1 for B facility, while those of IPCC default values were 13,167 ton CO2-eq yr-1 for A facility and 32,916 ton CO2-eq yr-1, indicating that the emissions of IPCC default values were estimated higher than those of the plant-specific emission factors. The emission of CSW for C facility was 1403 ton CO2-eq yr-1, whi...


CO2-eq Yr-1 Greenhouse Gas Emission Factors Emission Factors Commercial Solid Waste Greenhouse Gas Emission Flow Rate Of Flue Gas Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Plants Selective Non-catalytic Reduction Facilities In Korea

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