Emission intensity of energy sector in V4 countries – decoupling analysis of GHG emissions and economic growth

Publication Date Oct 1, 2019


The production and use of energy satisfies human needs, but also gives rise to a host of adverse environmental pressures, such as air pollution or waste generation. The issue of energy efficiency and climate chance resonates in energy sector as one of the main producer of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While the Union as a whole is doing well in reducing emissions as well as in increasing the share of renewables, unfortunately, there are countries still far from their goal. The aim of this paper is to quantitatively assess the relationship between economic growth of energy sector and production of GHG emissions by energy sector in the V4 countries using decoupling method. The paper focuses on the case of V4 countries in the period of 1995 – 2016. Throughout the more than 20 years examined, the countries spread out into many different forms of decoupling. The results of analysis suggest that in most observed partial variables occurs the strong decoupling of economic growth of energy sector (measured in GVA) and GHG emissions produced by energy sector, what can be considered as positive trend. Findings of the paper are relevant for government, state and public institutions as well as stakeholders in general who play important role in preparation of programs, projects and initiatives to make energy appliances, buildings, transport and energy generation more efficient, and introduces stringent new energy efficiency standards and financing mechanisms to support more energy efficient products.

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