ABSTRACT The university community faces problems of gender inequality and intolerance toward sexual diversity that are based on heteronormativity and machismo and particularly affect women and LGTBI individuals. This study proposes that, through arts-based public pedagogy, it is possible to increase the sensitivity of the university community (PDI, PAS, and students) to gender equality and sexual diversity. This research evaluates the efficacy of a series of artistic actions carried out in the public space of three Spanish universities (UV, UPV, and UMH), based on the participants’ self-assessments of their attitudes before and after witnessing these actions. Differences are analyzed by gender, university collective, and age. The results show that artistic actions have significant positive effects on the awareness of the members of the university community at cognitive, affective, and moral levels. This influence varies somewhat depending on the gender, age, and university collective. Implications of these differences are discussed, as well as the relevance of opportunities to gain knowledge in explaining them. Finally, keys to future awareness campaigns are presented.

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