Ensuring a highly corrosion and erosion resistant surface is critical to the reliability and structural integrity of steel canisters for long-term nuclear waste storage in corrosive environments. In this work, perhydropolysilazane (PHPS)-derived coating has been successfully applied to enhance the pitting and tribocorrosion resistance of 304 stainless steels in 0.6 M NaCl solution. Two types of coatings were synthesized on the stainless steel substrate by crosslinking PHPS at room temperature or 600 °C, resulting in different mechanical and corrosion performance. Raman spectra revealed that SiO bonds were generated in the coating crosslinked at room temperature after corrosion, while absent in that pyrolyzed at 600 °C. In tribocorrosion tests, both coatings were protective to the steel substrate, with the protective effect being more pronounced in the 600 °C pyrolyzed coating. Overall, the PHPS-derived coating synthesized at 600 °C exhibited better protection for steel in wear and corrosion coexisting environments than those synthesized at room temperature.

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