Journal of Fusion Energy | VOL. 39

Economic Analysis of Carbon Removal Strategy by Fusion–Biomass Hybrid System in the Future Market Mechanism

Publication Date Jan 7, 2020


Since the low-carbon technology fusion energy is scheduled to be commercialized beyond 2050, the late-mover needs to flexibly and strategically operate for sustainable cash flow responding to the future market mechanism. Carbon sequestration of the fusion–biomass hybrid system by using low-temperature heat is proposed under the two preconditions: the establishment of the deregulated electricity market, and the emission trading market. When the price is above the breakeven price, the hybrid system generates electricity; otherwise, charcoal production is performed. Charcoal production is a stable solid form of carbon capture, and can possibly be traded on the emission credit market to secure profit. The experimental result shows that it is possible to produce charcoal at low temperature of 280 °C, indicating that any type of blanket design is applicable in the hybrid system concept. The carbon sequestration cost is 39 $/tCO2 at the default parameter of net electric output of 4000 $/kWe for the fusion power plant, and 60% of charcoal yield from experimental result. Comparison between the hybrid system and the fusion power plant proves that the fusion–biomass hybrid system prevents further loss, by setting two-track income structures in the various market mechanisms.

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Charcoal Production
Hybrid System Concept
Emission Trading Market
Carbon Sequestration Cost
Hybrid System
Fusion Power Plant
Breakeven Price
Low-temperature Heat
Market Mechanism
Carbon Sequestration

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