As part of the study of the early stages of settlement of the Middle Irtysh region, the multilayered monuments of the tract “First and Second island” near the village of Tanatovо, Muromtsevsky district of Omsk region. Based on the study of ceramics and stone tools, complexes of the late Neolithic - early bronze age belonging to the artyn and Catherine cultures and the Stepanov type of monuments were identified. Specific features of stone processing are described for each stage. Artyn stone processing was characterized by high-quality raw materials and the technique of chipping plates. At the stage of Catherine's culture, the quality of raw materials significantly deteriorates, and the use of local raw materials (swamp iron ore) is noted. In stone processing, there is an increase in the share the technique of chipping flakes. At all stages, the tendency to minimize the impact of the shortage of stone raw materials is well recorded.

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