Complex networks in real world are always in the state of evolution and composed of numerous overlapping communities. The discovery of overlapping communities in dynamic networks plays an important role in community detection research. In recent years, methods based on incremental clustering have become increasingly popular owing to their high efficiency. However, few of them can deal with communities that are both overlapping and dynamic. In this article, we propose an incremental clustering algorithm for discovering overlapping communities in dynamic networks. In the initial snapshot of a dynamic network, a degree-based seed selection strategy with concise and effective rules is employed to obtain stable and high-quality overlapping communities, in which the degree of nodes is the number of their neighboring nodes in the subgraph composed of free nodes. In the subsequent snapshots, a four-staged framework based on cascade information diffusion is proposed to update the communities incrementally. In this framework, a cascade information diffusion model is used to simulate the evolution of communities and then the fitness of nodes to the communities they belong to is updated based on node similarity. Experiments conducted on both real-world and artificial datasets show that the proposed algorithm can discover overlapping communities in dynamic networks effectively and outperform to the state-of-art baseline algorithms.

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