1. Introduction Preservation and development of Russian machine building complex are an important strategic task before the Russian economy. Possibility of its realization is predetermined by a large number of machine building enterprises, including the ones with unified engineering infrastructure and connected technologically to OEM productions. Integration of machine building enterprises into structures of industrial parks, located on specially created and controlled industrial area, allows structuring and developing innovational productive activities of car assembly enterprises and suppliers of car components; forming and systematizing investment support for the sphere; attracting audit companies, expert associations, and educational and scientific centers for work. Changes in the system of production management by means of integration of machine building enterprises solve the problem of recovery of general chain of product value creation (provide productive cooperation of scattered privatized enterprises). Territorial inter-company productive networks, formed within structures of industrial parks, allow reducing resource intensity of production process; ensuring development of the network of small and medium economic subjects (industrial parks residents), which take part in development and production of final products and located in controlled industrial area. Integration of enterprises into structures of industrial parks is also viewed as an effective tool of development of Russian machine building industry, which allows localizing manufacture of high-tech products in Russia [Panov, 2010]. Issues of formation of organizational & economic relations on integration basis are studied in works of many foreign researchers, among which it is possible to distinguish: R. Akoff, P. Drucker, T. Konno, E. Mansfield, K. McConnell, R. Nielson, M. Porter, B. Santo, V. Launhardt, B. Twiss, J. Schumpeter, S. Winter, R. Foster, J.C. Van Horn, E. Jantsch, etc. Methodological developments in the sphere of formation and development of industrial parks are given in the works of such authors as A.N. Asaul, V.V. Akberdin, M.P. Voynarenko, Y.G. Lavrikov, M. Porter, S.I. Sokolenko, M.V. Chuchkevich, S.N. Parinov, S.A. Puzanov, O.A. Romanova, A.I. Tatarkin, G.R. Khasaev, etc. At the same time, according to the consolidated opinion of most economists [Ammenberg, J. Borjesson, B. & Hjelm, 1999; Lalkaka, 2002], the process of acquisition of procedures and methods of formation of integration entity under the new conditions led to objective necessity for solving a range of problems of scientific & methodological and practical nature. Despite significant contribution, performed by the researchers into theory, issues of formation of methodological basis of development and realization of strategy of development of industrial parks under the conditions of transformation of organizational & economic relations in the sphere are not sufficiently studied. Along with that, there is a necessity for study of changes of the structure of basic principles of management of integrated system members under modern conditions and formation of methodical and practical base/instrumentarium, aimed at adaptation of network subjects to conditions of their development. The purpose of the research is to develop theoretical foundations and methodological instrumentarium in the sphere of realization of the mechanism of formation of Russian industrial parks. The article suggests: 1) substantiating principles of creation of industrial parks, based on identified motivating and suppressing factors of integration of machine building enterprises into network production structures; 2) developing methodical approach to creation of industrial parks, based on realization of regional investment projects; 3) offering indicators of monitoring of effectiveness of regional industrial parks functioning, based on analysis of economic and innovational development of enterprises-residents. …

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