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Determinants of Mobile Commerce Adoption: A Study of University Students in Malaysia

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


Nowadays, mobile devices are important devices especially in business sectors and has led to the development of mobile commerce to engage in online transactions (Zheng, Men, Yang, & Gong, 2019). Mobile commerce has unique features compared to the e-commerce such as ubiquity, interactivity, localization services, and usage patterns (Wang, Ou, & Chen, 2019) In addition, M-commerce has important implications for service providers to construct effective services through key factors of m-commerce adoption in order to satisfy customers (Hsu & Yeh, 2018). According to Khalifa and Shen (2008), m-commerce covers a large number of services, including mobile financial services (m-banking, m-payment, and m-brokering), mobile shopping (m-retailing, m-ticketing, and m-auctions) and mobile entertainment (m-gaming, m-music, m-video, and m-betting). In Malaysia, m-commerce is still at the early stage and there is a limited number of studies on m-commerce in Malaysia (Krishna et al., 2017). Nevertheless, limited studies have scrutinized the relationship between university students and m-commerce applications, particularly in the aspect of transaction purposes. Keywords: M-commerce; Technology Acceptance Model; Individual-Collectivism at Individual level; Perceived Ease of Use; Perceived Usefulness

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