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Deprenyl reduces inflammation during acute SIV infection

Publication Date May 1, 2022


In the era of antiretroviral therapy, inflammation is a central factor in numerous HIV-associated comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, and neuropsychiatric disorders. This highlights the value of developing therapeutics that both reduce HIV-associated inflammation and treat associated comorbidities. Previous research on monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) suggests this class of drugs has anti-inflammatory properties in addition to neuropsychiatric effects. Therefore, we examined the impact of deprenyl, an MAOI, on SIV-associated inflammation during acute SIV infection using the rhesus macaque model of HIV infection. Our results show deprenyl decreased both peripheral and CNS inflammation but had no effect on viral load in either the periphery or CNS. These data show that the MAOI deprenyl may have broad anti-inflammatory effects when given during the acute stage of SIV infection, suggesting more research into the anti-inflammatory effects of this drug could result in a beneficial adjuvant for antiretroviral therapy.

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