Studies have been conducted on Energy storage systems (ESS) that replaced lithium-ion batteries (LIB) by the thermal runaway of the existing LIB. Using only the supercapacitor (SC) as a direct current power source in applications such as supercapacitor-based ESSs and mobile electric vehicle charging stations (MCSs) reduces the output voltage of the SC linearly. To solve this problem, this paper combines a boost converter capable of achieving regulatable constant voltage from an input of an SC bank to an output of a rectifier and an inductor/capacitor/capacitor (LCC) resonance converter. In this paper, an electrical double-layer capacitor (EDLC) known as SC was constructed as 64.8-V 400-FEDLC for experimental analysis. This EDLC is a high-capacity EDLC bank using 120 EDLCs with 30 serial connections and 4 parallel connections. In addition, resonance compensation circuits are analyzed and designed using a first-order harmonic approximation method (FHA). The analysis shows that the LCC resonance compensation converter is more suitable for EDLC standalone systems as an energy storage system, for LCC resonance converter topologies combined with EDLC discharge characteristics, constant voltage discharge is designed under an efficient discharge strategy, i.e., variable load conditions after the first constant voltage discharge. Based on LCC compensation analysis, the system has an optimum frequency, which allows the system to operate at the maximum efficiency point. By combining constant voltage power characteristics, constant voltage power becomes the same as the optimal power point, and thus high efficiency could be maintained in the constant voltage stage. Finally, the above design is verified through experiments.

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