Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering | VOL. 45

Control of parallelized bioreactors I: dynamic scheduling software for efficient bioprocess management in high-throughput systems

Publication Date Oct 18, 2022


The shift towards high-throughput technologies and automation in research and development in industrial biotechnology is highlighting the need for increased automation competence and specialized software solutions. Within bioprocess development, the trends towards miniaturization and parallelization of bioreactor systems rely on full automation and digital process control. Thus, mL-scale, parallel bioreactor systems require integration into liquid handling stations to perform a range of tasks stretching from substrate addition to automated sampling and sample analysis. To orchestrate these tasks, the authors propose a scheduling software to fully leverage the advantages of a state-of-the-art liquid handling station (LHS) and to enable improved process control and resource allocation. Fixed sequential order execution, the norm in LHS software, results in imperfect timing of essential operations like feeding or Ph control and execution intervals thereof, that are unknown a priori. However, the duration and control of, e.g., the feeding task and their frequency are of great importance for bioprocess control and the design of experiments. Hence, a software solution is presented that allows the orchestration of the respective operations through dynamic scheduling by external LHS control. With the proposed scheduling software, it is possible to define a dynamic process control strategy based on data-driven real-time prioritization and transparent, user-defined constraints. Drivers for a commercial 48 parallel bioreactor system and...


Liquid Handling Station Sampling Analysis Specialized Software Solutions Digital Process Control Parallel Bioreactor User-defined Constraints Process Control Scheduling Software Bioprocess Development Full Automation

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