Systemic arterial hypertension is a common occurrence and can have serious adverse consequences in cats. Therefore, measuring blood pressure is very important. There are many indirect blood pressure measurement devices available. This study compared Doppler, oscillometric (petMAP Graphic II, SunTech Vet20, the Cardell Insight-X0000) and high-definition oscillometry devices for the non-invasive measurement of blood pressure in conscious cats. In this prospective study, blood pressure was measured in 32 cats using the different devices according to the recommendations of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Consensus Statement. Blood pressures (systolic blood pressure [SBP], diastolic blood pressure [DBP], mean arterial pressure [MAP]), time to complete measurements, number of attempts needed, coefficient of variation (CV) between the blood pressure measurements of the different devices, ease of completing measurements and apparent stress level of the cat were assessed. There was a significant difference between devices in the time taken to obtain blood pressure readings and the number of attempts necessary to obtain six reliable measurements. The CV of the Doppler device was significantly smaller than that of the rest of the devices, but there were no other differences between the devices. The mean SBP, DBP and MAP measured by the petMAP device were significantly higher than the measurements from the other devices. The perceived ease of measurement was not significantly different between the various machines. The perceived level of stress of measurement with the Doppler device was significantly higher compared with the other devices but did not lead to an increased SBP. Using a Doppler device to measure blood pressure in conscious cats is fast, relatively easy and gives reliable results. A disadvantage is that the Doppler device can only measure SBP, while oscillometric devices also provide DBP and MAP. However, in veterinary medicine, systolic hypertension is considered the most relevant.

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